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Sitting in a cafe, Crete 2001.

about me

Dear visitor, welcome to my web pages!


My name is Martin Klier, but my friends are calling me "Usn". I'm a 1979 born male, living in a small town in northern Bavaria, Germany. I am married, and a proud owner of two tomcats.


This web site is desired to give you an impression about my life, work as well as leisure. Just stroll around, besides lengthy text there should be a number of pictures as well. I hope the number of graphical content will grow with the whole page over time.


Have fun!

about my work

I am an IT specialist and database administrator, working for a german logistics company. My areas of expertise are IT high performance and high availibility in general, Oracle Databases 9i, 10g and 11g, as well as Linux system administration. Kindly see my "Usn’s IT Blog" for most recent activities and some (solved?) problems.


Before that, some years ago, I finished technical college, did HVACR field service for my parent's company and served two years in the German Navy.

about my hobbies

For my 6th birthday my aunt gave me a construction kit for electronics - and the fever was born! From that day on, everything connected to a power outlet or a battery was interesting and no longer safe from my fingers. Indeed, there was burned flesh, too. But after surviving endless nights of higher and lower voltage, of more or less current, of older and newer computers, of centronics-port controlled model railways and CB-PacketRadio-controlled desk-lamps, of Micro$oft products and Novell3, of QuickBASIC and TurboPascal, I touched Linux for the first time: so do I have to tell you what I am doing tonight?

contact me

This is how you might contact me, the items are in my preferred order for you to do so:

  • Via Internet Relay Chat (IRC):
    • at irc.freenode.org in channels #linux-forum.de (German), #oracle, #tcpip, #bash, #iptables.
    • at irc.arcor.de in channel #eingang (German).
    • at irc.quakenet.org channel #stiftLAN (bavarian forest language) :).
  • Via forum www.linux-forum.de
  • Via email usn @ usn-online . de.
  • Via ICQ, with number 37351947.

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